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Our Environmental Philosophy

Gear re-Store’s business model is deeply rooted in environmental responsibility. It is undeniable that gear and apparel production is environmentally impactful, therefore we are proud to play a key role in keeping these products out of the landfill. By facilitating the repair of damaged garments and restoring their Durable Water Repellency (DWR), we are encouraging customers to consume less and thus generate less waste.


Our Equipment

In line with our environmental philosophies, we have invested in high quality industrial machines to meet our laundering needs. The machines utilize smart technologies to minimize the use of resources such as water and electricity. For example, when a load enters the washing machine, the machine weighs the load size and adds precisely the correct amount of water. Conversely, the dryers have unique features that save on energy, such as an automatic stop that completes the cycle as soon as the garments are dry. The dryers’ large capacities allow for fast drying as the garments are able to expand, exposing more surface area to the heated air. Ultimately, this advanced equipment allows us to achieve high quality cleaning and DWR results while minimizing our environmental footprint. 



Gear re-Store cleans and reactivates the Durable Water Repellency of more than 30,000 garments annually.  We wanted to ensure that the products that we use for these services are not only effective, but as environmentally responsible as possible.  Grangers have been keeping outdoor enthusiasts warm and dry since 1937. With their bluesign® approved, eco-responsible, world-first solutions, Grangers are committed to protecting you and the world we all love to explore.  Their performance-driven, waterproofing and cleaning products enhance your outdoor experience and help you stay outside for longer and we are proud to work with them to achieve high-quality, long-lasting results for our customers.  Grangers products are: 

bluesign® approved 

Grangers became the first aftercare brand to achieve bluesign® accreditation in 2007. The bluesign® standard is a widely accepted, reliable and proactive tool that certifies the eco-friendliness of an entire production chain – resulting in a cleaner, safer and more environmentally-responsible finished product. 

PFC Free 

As part of the company’s commitment to protecting people and the environment not only now but in the future, all of Grangers formulations are PFC-free and water-based. 

Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) 

APT is Grangers’ own blend of fluorocarbon-free polymers and emulsions. It’s formulated to provide a highly breathable and durable water-repellent finish to all outdoor gear ensuring you the performance you deserve.