re-Markably re-Sponsible Program

What is the re-Markably re-Sponsible Program?

Introducing the Gear re-Store re-Markably re-Sponsible Program. A comprehensive post retail soft goods management program that supports sustainability within the outdoor industry.


Why do we need it?
  • Textiles are one of the largest components of landfill mass.  Textiles accounted for 6.3% of the 267.8 million tons of municipal solid waste generated in the U.S. in 2017.
  • About 85% of end-of-life outdoor gear ends up in landfills.
  • Outdoor garments – especially membranes – take longer to break down in a landfill and are therefore considered to be of special environmental concern.
How does it work?

Working in partnership with soft goods brands, Gear re-Store offers the following elements:

1. re-Work
Sometimes something comes from the factory and it is does not meet the quality standards for retail.
Gear re-Store can either fix the factory flaw and re-package the garment so it is ready for retail sale, or we can take the garments and prepare them for off-sale through our on-line store or via brand partnerships.


2. re-Pair
Make your outdoor gear last longer with quality technical repairs.
Technical outerwear, sleeping bags, backpacks, tents.
GORE certified repair centres in Canada and U.S.


3. re-Fresh
Make your gear perform better with technical laundry & DWR services.
Top-of-the line laundry equipment with laundry cycles specifically programmed to get optimal results for DWR reapplications.


4. re-Sell
Sometimes a consumer will have a perfectly functioning garment, but they have outgrown it, want to “move up”, or just simply got tired of the style or colour.
Brand offers a “brand credit” (e.g., $20 credit for returning your garment, to be applied against purchases within the same brand family).  Brand sends the garment to Gear re-Store who will do a technical clean, DWR reapplication (where appropriate), and repair (where needed), and take the garment for sale at its on-line store or return to the brand for off-sales.


5. re-Build
When a garment has truly come to the end of its useful life, Gear re-Store can take in these garments and make them into new garments by harvesting sections of fabric, and only disposing of the parts of the garment that cannot be used.


6. re-Purpose
Another option for end-of-life garments is to re-purpose fabrics into other soft goods, such as carry bags, hut booties, insulated hats, etc.


7. re-Move
Debranding service for removing corporate branding from garments in preparation for donation or distribution for non-warrantable use.


8. re-Use
When no re-commerce programs are feasible, Gear re-Store will support the donation of de-branded garments to those in need.


9. re-Cycle
Flocking and re-purposing of leftover scraps into other recycled products such as carpet underlay.


Desired Outcomes

Considerable reduction in landfill mass generation.
Trade-in program encourages brand loyalty and drives additional sales.
Correcting factory flaws reduces waste and helps drive revenues.
Second-hand store provides additional revenue opportunities.