Gear re-Store has taken a bold step forward in positioning ourselves to support our brand partners in their sustainability objectives with the appointment of Nicole Harris as Sustainability Champion.  As you can read in Nicole’s bio on our About page, she combines an extensive background in all facets of garment care – from design to repair – with a passion for sustainability.

Nicole will co-ordinate support to the outdoor soft goods industry in the areas of re-commerce, upcycling, and downcycling.  She’s off to a great start, working on projects for Vail Resorts and Helly Hansen.  The sky is the limit for what we hope to do to avoid landfilling and incineration as options for end-of-first-life (EO1L) gear.

Nicole is currently working on a basic catalogue of designs available for upcycling projects, but if you have any ideas you’d like to create for promotional products, company conferences, or for retail, give Nicole a call at our Thornton office. Just allow plenty of time to chat…did I mention that Nicole is passionate about sustainability?

Look for our catalogue of samples coming soon to our website.  For now, here’s a sneak peek: