1. zippertop tape extension
  2. top stop
  3. slider
  4. pull tab
  5. tape
  6. chain width
  7. bottom stop
  8. bottom tape extension
  9. single tape width
  10. insertion pin boll
  11. retainer box
  12. reinforcement film

Zipper failures are one of the top three repairs requested. Although they all start the same…”My zipper isn’t working…”. The failure could be caused by many different factors:

1. Zipper Slider is failing and needs to be replaced:

  • Symptom – Zipper starts normally but then opens up behind the slider. Often you will feel a tightness while doing the zipper up and visibly a bulge may be present before it begins to split.
  • Cost – $12.50 to $15.00
  • Cosmetic factor
  • Durability factor

2. Zipper is broken and must be replaced:

  • Symptom – Zipper teeth have fallen/been ripped out; zipper insertion piece is no longer functional or has ripped out
  • Jacket and Pant Cost – $27.50 to $50.00; Pack and Tent Cost $5.00 to $8.00 per foot
  • Cosmetic factor
  • Durability factor

3. Stitching has become unstitched; adhesive glue becomes unsealed

  • Symptom – zipper tape is no longer attached to the garment or gears fabric
  • Cost – $12.50 to $25.00
  • Cosmetic factor
  • Durability factor

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Our proprietary software, developed specifically for the outdoor gear industry, will allow corporate clients and individ...

Technical Outerwear Cleaning

Gear re-Store has spent years – and will continue to spend more years – evaluating optimal cleaning and dura...

Technical Outerwear Repairs

We have the team and the equipment required to do the most complicated repairs for technical outerwear, including repair...


Gear re-Store has its finger on the pulse and future directions within the outdoor gear industry.  We regularly att...

Gear re-Store has its finger on the pulse and future directions within the outdoor gear industry. We regularly attend key industry trade shows and are in contact with decision makers with some of the best-known brands in the world and the key retailers in North America. We are currently looking at CO2 cleaning technology, plasma nanotechnology, and innovative efficacy testing methods.


Gear re-Store continues to work with most of the major global outdoor brands, as well as the most prominent retailers in Canada.



Together with our sister company, Outdoor Approach, we have decades of experience in repairing, producing, and retailing technical outerwear for the outdoor industry. Our experienced laundry technicians, seamstresses, and consultants will help individual consumers through to corporate clients solve their outdoor gear challenges.



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